behind the seams

We believe all bottoms are beautiful. Women deserve to feel comfortable in their own skin and what they wear directly on their skin should be comfy too! Our goal is to create beautiful, high quality, perfectly fitting Knickers locally that make our Lovelies feel cute, sexy and confident (or as we like to call it – secret happy), because no one knows what’s underneath except you.

All aspects of production (from pattern making, sampling and sewing to the final wrapping, packing and shipping) takes place in a small home-based designed studio right here in Cape Town. That makes us proudly South African. Each pair is carefully cut by hand to limit wastage and made with love from locally sourced materials to ensure quality instead of quantity.

We also don’t mass produce, but rather work on a “made-to-order” model to avoid stock build-up and only sew as many pairs as per our active Subscriber count every month. Pairs that are left over after shipping due to failed payments get added to our website for purchase every couple of months. We also try to make use of end-of-the-line fabrics, elastics and trims destined for landfills when possible. So each month brings a different look – it’s a complete surprise every time and you’ll never receive the same pair twice. 

Even though all our undies are produced in-house, we sometimes stumble upon other local / international brands we think our customers would love! After careful consideration, we hand-pick these without compromise to ensure the quality and fit is up to the LL standards our Lovelies have grown accustomed to over the years. This keeps our Knicker Subscription experience interesting.

We can confidently say we have the most amazing customers! Thank you for shopping small and for supporting the local manufacturing community.

Your Panty Pen Pal, 




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