Ever heard the phrase: “You wear different hats in life”? I have a female hat, a wife hat, a mommy hat, a daughter hat, a friend hat, a blogger hat and many more hats… But I’m not really a hat person so I like to think that I wear different types of underwear for the many roles I play in life.


The Mommy Underwear:


My mommy underwear defines me as a new and young mom. Simple yet practical, and a little self-conscious in my new skin. For my every day running around, ticking off the check lists and being a mom, I am most comfortable in jeans and a colourful top – and the underwear has to match! I am a thong mom – in gentle lace and funky colours. Colours that match the top, shoes or accessories. Comfortable and barely there.


the mommy underwear


The Gym Bunny Underwear:


After having two babies in two years, keeping fit and losing baby flab is important to me. This means that I am that mom who does the school morning run in lycra! And there is nothing worse than panty lines bulging through the lycra. My gym underwear is seamless and barely there and in neutral tones – nothing fancy for an hour session of sweating!


gym bunny underwear


The Corporate Underwear:


I have been blessed enough to make the switch from corporate career woman to stay-at-home and be with my babies. But back in the day and for any future use, the corporate, elegant black lace is tucked away in the corner cupboard. Elegant and sophisticated under a smart suit that screams power and business – perfect for the boardroom.


the corporate underwear


The Wife Underwear:


I have never met a man who doesn’t love underwear, or a woman who doesn’t feel good in great underwear. The cutest pair in lace, bows, sheer, sexy colours are the perfect match for date night. The great feeling of knowing my underwear shines through my outer personality – cheeky, sexy and confident – just the wife I love to be!


the wife underwear


The Goodnight Underwear:


After a long day of playing these different roles, there is no better feeling than getting into bed at night with the soft touch of crisp, soft, white cotton – nothing too bright, nothing too revealing – just right to say good night.


the goodnight underwear


Does your underwear define you?






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