We left the best for last… and believe you me, it was worth the wait and simply too cute not to share!



"Dearest Ms Lily,


Warm wishes to you and your wonderful company for the year ahead! I can just imagine all of you sitting around and plotting all the wonders of creation that you are going to unleash upon us unsuspecting customers this year. Rubbing your hands together and grinning at each other with that "knowing" look in your eyes! How I would love to be a fly on the wall!


Well, what can I say. You guys are proof that Christmas doesn't comes once, or even twice! With LL Christmas comes thrice! "What's he on about?" you say to yourself. Let me explain.


My family and I left for our annual Knysna holiday on the 17th December and somehow missed your December delivery. I cried most of the way to the coast. Twelve hours of weeping in the confirmed space of an automobile is hard to explain to young children. The sun and salt water helped me pull myself together and the holiday was wonderful.


Christmas was great! I thought it was finished. "NO" say Ms Lily! My wife arrived at work on Monday and your December creation unleashed itself upon on her in a blaze of lace and delicate stitchings.


I arrived home on Monday night and was treated to what can only be described as.... as.... as.... You know, I don't have the words! There was... lace.... lace... more lace... Lace covering all sorts of wondrous feminine body parts in ways I hadn't before considered possible. So it has taken nearly two days to start thinking rational thoughts and I receive a message from her this afternoon that January has arrived.


She says it is the best yet. I am almost scared to go home! And who would have thought it possible, but Christmas has come thrice this year...


Bless you