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The Best Breast instant adhesive breast lifts consist of a very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil, shaped like a horseshoe, which makes it is possible to re-position the nipples by up to several centimeters.

Best Breast offers a special patented 3M tape which is used as a medical tape in hospitals and therefore safe to use.  

Best Breast increases your wardrobe options as strapless, backless, plunging and halter styles are suddenly easy and comfortable to wear. Don’t forget that Best Breast is water-proof, so it can be worn under your bathing suit, or even a bikini



Best Breast also gives a firmness to sagging breasts that looks and FEELS totally natural.

Breasts move freely under textiles, but you don’t have to worry about troublesome bra straps or clasps, because the Best Breast allows you to go bra-less with confidence!

 * Best Breast is a Bye Bra Holland product. Made in Holland.




Step 1:


·       Hold the sticker in your left hand.


·       Only peel off the paper at the bottom half of the sticker (the concave part) with your right hand. 


·       Remember, it is a delicate thin sticker, so don't rush or rip it off like a plaster.


·       The sticker curves ever so slightly away from you (in the opposite direction towards the non-sticky side).


·       This comes in handy when applying the sticker to the breast as it doesn't touch the breast while determining the position for application.



Sept 2:


·       Stand in front of the mirror.


·       First hold the sticker a few centimetres away from the breast to determine the exact positioning.


·       The sticker doesn't go over the nipple.


·       Slowly apply and stick to the breast.


Step 3:


·       Peel off the paper of the top half of the sticker (the convex part), again doing so with your right hand while holding the sticker away from your breast with your left hand.


·       The non-sticky side of the sticker "rests in your hand" during and after peeling off the paper.


Step 4:


·       Still standing in front of the mirror, grip this loose / top part of the sticker with both hands.


·       Pull up gently while holding it slightly away from your body before applying.


·       This helps to determine exactly where and how high you need to pull it up before application to achieve the desired result.


Step 5


·       Once happy, apply to skin. 





There are two leading companies in the world that specialize in adhesive breast lift tape. One of them Bye Bra. Bye Bra is represented in many other countries and in each country, a different name is used for the adhesive breast lifts. Here In South Africa we call the product Best Breast.


The largest surgical tape manufacturer in the world. 3M fabricates the material that is used to produce Best Breast and the product itself is manufactured in the Netherlands (no Chinese knock-offs here ladies).

The medical tape that is used is believed to be the best tape to lift breasts from the top. Once the Best Breast adhesive breast lift is applied, it will stay on for up to 8 hours, perfect for a night out on the town without worrying that your neckline or Bra strap will show.

What we find extremely exciting is that the tape is 100% waterproof so can be applied under your bikini. You can count on Best Breast if you would like to lift your breasts invisibly under your bikini.

Best Breast lifts are not just pieces of tape, but provide a transparent, waterproof, hypoallergenic adhesive solution.

Please note: Skin should be clean from any oils, creams, sweat etc and should be applied on dry skin. Do not use on sensitive skin, scars, and incase of pregnancy. It is recommended to apply for no longer than 8 hours and should be removed before sleeping.

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